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What is zacusca ?

Zacusca or vegetable caviar is a spread made of vegetables only.
It is a product made traditionally in Transylvania, and only there in europe.
At the end of the summer and during fall, with the abundance of vegetables, each family tries not to waste anything and makes this tasty spread of vegetables.
The zacusca is kept in hermetically sealed jars throughout the winter, or more. It is eaten on a piece of bread, as an aperitive, with a few slices of sausage, or a good smoked or fresh cheese.

How is it made?

The composition varies according to tastes and recipes, but we will deliver some secrets ...

The first is to first grill the vegetables: eggplant, peppers. These will be easier to peel (remove the skin), and will at the same time have a smoky taste.

The cooking

The whole of the grilled vegetables is then chopped with a wood chopper (change to the texture of caviar), and everything is mixed to be annealed with fried onions, a little oil, laurel, tomato flesh, salt and pepper ...

Cooking should be done over low heat, a slight bubbling is enough. It's about homogenizing flavors, not destroying them!

Depending on the amount prepared, this step may take several hours.

The preparation is stored in sterilized jars and hermetically closed.

With eggplant, mushrooms, beans, there is a multitude of varieties of Zacusca, and there is something for everyone!

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